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Yummygum is back with nother iconSweets; a huge Free icon set containing over a 1,000+ icons. iconSweets2 will quench your icon thirst for all your iPhone, iPad & Android apps or new web projects!

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Great shapes to customize to iOS7-style

1,000+ icons

IconSweets2 has enough icons to quench your icon thirst for all of your iPhone, iPad, Android or web design-related projects.

Icons in three sizes

All of the icons on 32x32 size have a 64x64 retina equivalent. There is also a huge collection in 16x16.

Web & desktop font

The set contains both a desktop font (.ttf) and a full @font-face font. Perfect for keeping your project pixel perfect.

.csh shapes

Photoshop .csh shapes allow you to draw iconSweets icons on any size without losing any quality just like a vector shape.

Pre-styled .png's

For quick use, we included png's of all icons in three sleek styles. Nice to have if you're not super skilled with Photoshop.

Free .psd

We offer a free .PSD version of the entire iconSweets set that includes brand depicting icons (like social services icons).

Like what you see and can't wait to use them?

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